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My name is Michael Nelson and I am a Paramedic in the central NY area. I am part of a volunteer agency as well as volunteer my time and skills along with a few other EMTs to the West Point Academy Paintball Team during their 2 fundraisers each year that can have up to 500 people playing at a time. I have a few XPR 6550 radios and looking to set up a tracking system so that I track were my members are on the field so that I can send the closest person to the incident. I am new to the DMR side of radios and finding it interesting what they can do. I am looking forward to trying the software and seeing how it works. Please let me know what info I need to provide for the activation.
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Hi Michael,

Sounds interesting, a few of the people in here know a lot about radios (I'm not one of them).
Mike NO7RF can be found here http://www.otwc.net/no7rf/index.html

Here is another Ham Radio site that has been helpful:
http://communications.support/forums/49 ... -%28DMR%29

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