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Hello and greetings from Croatia.

My name is Toni and i am volunteer firefighter in city of Trogir, Croatia. Our volunteer fire department is serving and protecting town and citizens of Trogir since 1903. You can visit our site at: http://www.dvdtrogir.hr

My hobbies are electronics (microcontrollers ARM/AVR programming), radio-communications, and music (I play keyboards). I have experience in programing and repairing mobile and portable radios, I worked in few years in Motorola radio service. I programmed and are maintaining 100+ mobile and portable radios (GM/GP/GR series HT/P210 series, Spectra, MC series, DM/DP MotoTRBO series, Yaesu, Talco, Vertex, Icom, Kenwood, Baofeng, TYT, Retevis) for whole region, which includes several volunteer fire department.

Recently we upgraded our old VHF radios to new MotoTRBO and TETRA radios. TETRA is maintained by MUPNet (our goverment agency), but on MotoTrbo side we are on our own. We now have several DM4601e as base radios, DM4401e's in our vehicles and DP4401e as portables.

We would like to try TransTRBO software, and provide help/feedback, as we currently have no way of tracking and advanced managing of radios.

Toni Ivkovic, 9A3DTV
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Hi Tinky,

Please read this thread for how to access, install and obtain a Volunteer license.

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